To Release or not to Release

This is a question that is asked a lot in a regulated environment. It has different meanings in different situations. For the Product Manager of commercial software it is a question of how much feature function can I get into my product in the next release cycle. For the in-house, bespoke system Product Manager the question becomes what is the right release cadence to service my business. These situations face the same factors and getting them wrong can be disastrous to both.

The challenge

We are regulated to ensure that we construct systems in a responsible way and can demonstrate that with clearly defined processes and documented evidence. These processes and documented evidence come at a hefty price. For the commercial software Product Manager this means that there is less feature function for the next release as resources are burned following, and documenting the necessary processes and outcomes.

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The Importance of AGILEPART11 for Your Company

It seems that more and more large software companies are finally realizing that traditional management techniques of software development simply are not as effective or efficient as Agile methodology. The traditional waterfall method of development has been proven to be consistently problematic for the industry. In the past, the process started with trying to figure out exactly what needed to be in the product and the developers needed to take it from there however; oftentimes this resulted in a finished product that was severely out of date. Wasting time and money is not what organizations are in business to do. BGASoft's AGILEPART11 eliminates that potential loss, and makes the development process much more transparent.

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Greater Efficiency with AGILEPART11

It is the greatest goal of each and every large organization to have a facility that runs smoothly and efficiently. After all, the more efficient a company is, the larger the profits they will make. This is especially true in the software development industry. When the waterfall process of development is used, one process must be completed before the next step is even considered. This process has been proven to be counterproductive for the company. By the time the developers get to the end product, many times they have found that there are major problems with it. Even worse, some find that the finished product has become obsolete and therefore; they have taken the time, effort and company's money to develop a product that simply is not marketable. The AGILEPART11 from BGASoft will eliminate all of those problems, and make your organization much more efficient.

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